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Califia Lighting offers a range of UL-rated LED linear lighting that enhances workspace/display aesthetics and usability. Our lighting is ideal for a range of applications that include enclosures/cabinets, racks, workstations and equipment. Small, medium and large options are available.

Califia Lighting is known for its quality, reliability and heritage in bringing high-performance products to market. With Califia Lighting, light engine efficiency and uniformity is central to delivering the highest quality finished product. Califia lights are offered with a range of features and styles including lumen output, aluminum or plastic fixtures, controls, beam coverage, and cost to name a few.

Let Califia Lighting help ease your transition to Solid State Lighting.

Enclosure & Cabinet LED Lighting
LED Lighting for Enclosures and Cabinets

When it comes to enclosures and cabinet LED lighting, Califia Lighting understands the importance of meeting industry specific certifications and regulations. Our longevity in the LED industry ensures that we provide our customers with a consistent, reputable and stable source for their lighting needs.

Enclosure & Cabinet LED Lighting details

Rack LED Lighting
Linear LED Server Rack Lighting

With Califia Lighting the options are endless. Califia Lighting offers an unprecedented level of service and support to ensure that customers can achieve their lighting vision and goals. For Rack LED Lighting projects our customers demand the highest in quality with easy installation and mix ‘n match options to ensure the best results for their project. Califia luminaires are designed to be used individually or on our track systems, providing you with the flexibility needed to meet those challenging project requirements.

Rack LED Lighting details

Equipment LED Lighting
Equipment LED Linear Lighting

Califia Lighting’s design and manufacturing expertise delivers top performance and lights that can be easily modified to meet the needs of any application. For Equipment LED Lighting, a key requirement is durability. Califia Lighting is known for its energy savings, rugged durability and has built its reputation on being highly configurable to varying space requirements.

Equipment LED Lighting details

Workstation LED Lighting
Workstation Linear LED Lighting

How do you work best? Studies have shown that better light quality leads to increased productivity. To get the best results, make sure your workstation is well lit and comfortable. Califia Lighting believes the time is now to make the switch to Solid State Lighting. With Califia Lighting, luminaires are low profile and concealable; you can rotate their position to maximize your workspace and achieve the desired lighting you need to be at your best.

Workstation LED Lighting details